There is a wealth of information available in your ERP system but your sales reps in the field have zero visibility.  Without customer status and available to ship information your reps are flying blind.  Calling in orders or faxing consumes valuable resources that can be automated.  A one-size-fits-all solution is better than nothing, but your product is blended with every other brand and you have to do business their way.  A custom solution gives you control over your branding and allows you to set your business rules, but is costly and takes time and resources to define and test.

With B2B you get the best of both worlds: A web application based on the latest technology from Microsoft in a pre-built platform that can be branded and extended to meet your exacting requirements. With pre-built connectors for ERP platforms like Dynamics GP, NAV and others, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks, fully integrated with your internal software.


  • Designed to scale to any size screen
  • Supports pricing to the size level
  • Pricing tiers, discounts, and sales programs are supported
  • Search by product ID, style/color name and description, or UPC/GTIN
  • Customer credit check completed automatically during order creation, showing balance and credit check pass/fail
  • Advanced ATS support with future availability, order split by ship window
  • Orders entered online can be imported on a scheduled basis directly into your ERP system using provided connector or web service interface
  • Microsoft Office Excel order form import with email auto-attendant
  • Email suggested orders to customers


  • View credit status, recent orders, shipments and invoices online
  • Customer credit and status information is retrieved in real-time from your ERP system, not hours or a day later
  • See shipments as soon as they are posted, including tracking numbers


  • Define your own ATS rules based on your lead times and suppliers
  • ATS can be updated daily, hourly or any schedule you desire
  • ATS report includes product images


  • Customers, product, pricing and catalogs can be imported directly from your ERP system
  • Orders entered outside B2B (such as via EDI or hand-keyed) are visible on this site


  • Images can be mapped via upload from external CMS system, or managed within B2B’s Content Manager tool
  • Images can be discovered automatically from image repository using multiple naming conventions
  • Images at the style and the color level are supported


  • Ready to be branded with images, custom style sheets, Twitter feeds and video
  • Designed to work with all major web browsers
  • Allow all users (such as customer service, inside sales, outside reps, and dealers) access to the site without incurring additional charges
  • Easily extended to incorporate suppliers, freight forwarders and other businesses you work with


  • B2B is global, supporting multiple languages and currencies
  • Email notification engine for both internal and external facing notifications
  • Create customized surveys, dealer applications, and more with the survey tool