Many organizations are more challenged than ever to reduce operation costs, yet need talent and knowledge in many areas to effectively manage their information services. OfficeOps’s technology advisory services will provide you with a clear picture of how well you and your staff are utilizing the technology you have.  We will also identify any gaps we find in your technical capabilities and recommend changes that will help you cut costs, manage growth and increase employee productivity.

Business Continuity:
OfficeOps brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, methods, and tools to help develop a customized continuity solution for your organization. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning comes in many shapes and sizes. Finding the approach that makes sense for your organization involves careful planning.

Business Systems:
OfficeOps will conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of your business system software. This will include reviewing the integration, support, scalability and total cost of ownership of your current systems.  A detailed report will be provided to you and your leadership team, describing the opportunities for leverage and improvement.

Now more than ever, internal and external communication plays a critical roll in running your business. OfficeOps has the expertise to help you evaluate your current system, (both voice and data) and make recommendations on how to leverage what you have and suggest future enhancements as your company grows.

Technology Maturity Level:
Understanding the state of your business systems is a key starting point for process improvement in the future.  OfficeOps will evaluate your systems in terms of fragmentation, repeatability, synchronization and unification.

Web Presence:
Your website is an integral part of your business.  The look and feel, navigation, branding and organic search are key factors in having a successful web presence.  OfficeOps will evaluate your site and provide a report card for your review. If necessary, we can recommend specific strategies to further leverage your website.