OfficeOps recommends Microsoft™ Dynamics® for our clients.  While it’s true that all businesses need basic accounting functions in their business management software, and many products can satisfy those core requirements, Microsoft™ Dynamics® differentiates itself with a solid accounting foundation, coupled with a high degree of flexibility.  Because most businesses have operational processes that can be considered unique, they often value software capabilities that can enhance and streamline those processes, while at the same time addressing their “nuts and bolts” accounting needs.

OfficeOps’ professionals are adept at leveraging the strength of the core application and are well-equipped to configure and extend the software to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

In addition to basic General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivables modules, a solution built on Microsoft™ Dynamics® can offer the following:

  • Fixed Assets, Multi-Currency and Advanced Banking.
  • Sales with support for EDI, and eCommerce connections to your customers.
  • Inventory Management including multiple pricing and discount models and location-based availability.
  • Warehouse Management with UPS/FedEx/USPS rate and manifesting.
  • Manufacturing with material requirements and capacity planning.

By tapping into the flexibility of Microsoft™ Dynamics®, OfficeOps’ professionals can work with you to integrate its systems with other “line-of-business” applications, trading partners, freight forwarders, payroll providers and any other system to eliminate duplication of effort that can be created when multiple systems are required.

Because it is from Microsoft, Microsoft™ Dynamics® possesses a user interface that’s familiar, modeled after the same Microsoft Office applications your users already know.  In addition, Microsoft™ Dynamics® is designed so that its information is easily shared with other Microsoft Office applications, ensuring that information your users need is available in the format most useful to them.

Since Microsoft™ Dynamics® runs with Microsoft SQL Server, you can have confidence that your business software rests upon a solid technology platform, ready to scale as your business grows.  Beyond the Dynamics® software environment, the Microsoft SQL Server platform also offers powerful integration and reporting capabilities to make information exchange between systems more efficient, and to provide sophisticated Business Intelligence functionality.